Auto Paint Services
in Martinsburg, WV

“Our Team Takes Pride in the High-Quality Work”

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint & Change the Look of Your Vehicle

Coty’s Auto Body Inc. can change the whole appearance of your car or truck with just a fresh coat of paint. With the addition of new paint to your vehicle, you can take it from dull to looking brand new. Our highly trained auto paint technicians can also remove dents, nicks, or scratches without damaging the paint of your car as well.

While you vehicle is in our care at Coty’s Auto Body Inc. we care for it as though it were our own. To have Coty’s Auto Body Inc. repair the chipped, scratch or dull paint on your car or truck, contact us at (304) 901-4777.

Our Technicians Use PPG Paint with Lifetime Warranties

Coty’s Auto Body Inc. uses PPG paint and we offer a lifetime warranty on all work done in our shop. We use paint booths at Coty’s Auto Body Inc. for the best results possible for your vehicle’s exterior.

Whether it is a simple paint job or for custom artwork, Coty’s Auto Body Inc. is the place to find inspiration and expert workmanship.

Coty’s Pays Attention to Even the Smallest Details for the Best Result

Our technicians pay attention to even the smallest details when repairing the paint on any type of vehicle. Coty’s Auto Body Inc. does this to achieve a perfect coat of paint every time.

When you choose our shop for auto paint services you can expect that the dull paint on your vehicle will be restored to a like new appearance.

Auto Paint Services Provided With Quality Service and Honest Prices

Coty’s Auto Body Inc. in Martinsburg, WV provides our professional auto paint services to the area to keep vehicles looking great. With our knowledge and experienced technicians, no auto paint job is too simple or complex.

Our team can restore your vehicle and get you back on the road in no time with flawless results. Coty’s Auto Body Inc. is honest and upfront about our prices for all auto paint services. Before we begin any work on your car, we will give you an estimate on the cost and also how much time it will take to complete.

Coty’s Auto Body Paint Services

– Paint Stripping
– Body Structural Repair or Replacement
– Exterior Paint Refinishing
– Interiors Paint Refinishing

– Wet Sanding & Buffing of Exterior Paint
– Custom Paint Options
– Steam Cleaning

– Sand blasting and glass beading
– Detailing
– Buffing and waxing